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Atlantic Highlands Farm Stand
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Social Graces Tea Service
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Donated scarves to the homeless!
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Our Mission is to promote inclusion and acceptance of autistic individuals into their local communities by establishing environmentally exemplary farm centers that provide meaningful work, peaceful and healthy residences and community interaction.  


Establishing Local Farm Centers

OASIS tlc seeks to create a model that involves local and state governments in the purchasing or leasing of property for farming.  This will support town open space initiatives, but at the same time offer a source of natural, wholesome food for the local community to purchase.  Additionally, farm centers will provide housing, employment and volunteer opportunities.  


Meaningful Work 

People with autism are naturally in tune with the rhythm of nature and the seasons. Farming and agriculture are connected to the calendar as well.  People with autism are concrete thinkers and farm work provides almost immediately tangible results. Partnering with non-disabled coworkers provides natural opportunities for therapeutic interventions. 


Peaceful and Healthy Residences

People with autism are over stimulated by the pace of society today. They also have special health needs.  Farms and open space offer peace and stimulation from natural sources that are real and therapeutic for everyone involved. Using sustainable and environ-mentally responsible practices is healthy for everyone in every way. 


Interaction with Community 

This idea provides a vehicle for volunteerism and education for the community as a whole. Farm centers will be set up as examples of “green” living which will be open to the public to observe. The establishment of local CSA’s (community supported agriculture) is something that anyone in the community can choose to participate in.