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Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship

Generally anyone who is otherwise eligible to attend the school and who demonstrates a financial need for tuition-assistance will be eligible for a scholarship. Consequently, any potential student who is between the ages of 18-27, who has graduated from high school will be eligible to receive a scholarship if such student's family demonstrates a financial need. 


Selection Criteria

Selection of scholarship recipients will be based entirely on a demonstrated financial need.


If there are more students who demonstrate the need for scholarship assistance than there are scholarship funds available, the Organization will use a lottery system to determine which students will be awarded scholarships.


Determination of the Number of Annual Grants

OASIS tlc intends to establish a designated scholarship fund. The number of scholarships awarded will be determined on an annual basis based on fund balance in such account.

Requirements for Maintaining Eligibility for Renewal of Scholarships

In order to maintain their scholarship monies, students must show a willingness to continue to participate in the OASIS tlc Center's programs.

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