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Our Program

Oasis tlc has created a local farmstead model program. It is a model that offers continuing education, vocational skill-building, employment and housing, in a local farm setting , across the life-span for people with autism.


It begins with a transitional program for young adults with autism graduating from high school. Clients progress through this learning environment at their own pace and work towards becoming part of our Apprenticeship and/or Residential Program.


Once through our Apprenticeship Program, an area of employment on the farms will be identified and offered to those clients who can do the work needed.

Our farms are set up as Agra-Tourism sites that create jobs, produce goods for sale and offer opportunities for community inclusion and interaction. They are set up as examples of “green living” and sustainable farming and we invite the public in to create awareness about autism and a healthy environment.


Our hope is that all these programs lead to a meaningful healthy life for our clients and have the added benefit of creating a stronger and healthier local community.

Residential Services

OASIS tlc provides housing for individuals with autism over the age of eighteen. Our houses provide private rooms, shared living spaces, and other amenities of a farm environment. Skill building may include daily living skills such as grooming and meal preparation; healthy eating and living choices; housekeeping skills; self awareness and advocacy strengthening; money management, etc. Learning how to utilize one’s leisure time will also be part of the planning in order to ensure that personal energies can be directed to as many personally productive activities as possible throughout one’s day.

Vocational Services

The OASIS tlc T.R.A.I.L. center also serves as a vocational site. Potential opportunities for vocational skill-building and job training may include:

  • ​Baking

  • Catering opportunities / food service

  • Creative arts utilizing flowers & plants / painting

  • Farming skills

  • Gardening and nursery skills / animal care

  • Operating a retail business selling arts and organically grown products / farm Store

  • Weaving / sewing

  • Woodworking

Recreational Services

The OASIS tlc T.R.A.I.L. Center is also being utilized by the students for recreational purposes. Activities include:

  • Art lessons

  • Bike Riding

  • Dance lessons

  • Drumming

  • Jogging

  • Music lessons

  • Swimming

  • Walking

  • Yoga

Community Interaction

We pride ourselves on opportunities for community interaction and inclusion. Some examples are:

  • Providing customer service at our farm store and for our CSA members

  • Hosting/serving at our social teas and breakfast cafes

  • Volunteer work at JBJ Soul Kitchen

  • Friday night social activities that include going out to dinner at various local spots

  • Bowling

  • Grocery shopping

  • Visiting local parks 


Interested in joining our program?

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